• -A collaborative theater and cultural exchange project in Murmansk, Russia that will yield a new full-length play in 2017-

    Made possible with Theater Communications Group's Global Connections On the Road Grant

    40 Days of Night

  • Murmansk Partners

    Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation (STD)

    Est. 1877

    Uniting representatives of the theatrical professions, it was conceived by Russian artists for Russian artists to deliver greater convenience for disseminating their works to the public and improving their talents.

    STD will be providing various rehearsal, writing and administrative work spaces, as well as actors who have expressed interest in collaborating on our project.


    Arctic Theater

    Est. 2014

    In a short time, this troupe has quickly secured a following in Russia and abroad thanks to its fresh approach to exploring theater through mime, puppetry, and adaptations of short story writer Mikhail Zoshchenko and poet Basil Ryabkovais.

    AT will provide a rehearsal space and stage, audio-visual technology, props, and recording equipment and personnel.


    Children's Theater School of Murmansk

    Est. 1996

    The school's mission is to develop

    the creative potential of children and young people, teaching artistic activities in a theatrical educational environment.

    CTS will provide rehearsal space for a series of workshops involving the local community, child and adult alike.​


    New York Anti-Kafe

    Est. 2014

    A modern coffee shop in the best tradition of New York, it hosts events every day: tournaments, filmNIGHT, recitals, master classes, games and readings.

    NYA-K will host weekly meetings and interactive Q&A sessions with the greater Murmansk community, weekly English play readings followed by Q&A's, and weekly acting workshops/exchange experiences.

    Svetoten Gallery

    A gallery and social club for creative people in Murmansk. As conversation draws people to learn something new, to share information, and to find like-minded groups, we are dedicated to bringing people together to begin new conversations.  

    SG will provide an interactive platform and technical equipment and support for the creation and documentation of the project.

    Komediograf (Murmansk People's Drama Theater)

    Est. 1935

    Formerly partnered with the Bolshoi Theatre, Komediograf currently explores comedy's abilities to help define a unique voice and repertoire. In the complex genre of stage art, director and co-founder AS Kuznetsov continues and develops the best traditions of Russian theater school.

    K will provide theater personnel, administrative support, and creative space that will be used for meetings, workshops and master classes.

  • Murmanmedia

    Preview of things to come!

    TV-21 Murmansk

    The first interview with The Lasky's about their lives together and their theater project in Murmansk, Russia.


    Piece of Murmansk in the Polar Night

    TV-21 Murmansk 2

    Meisner and Physical TheaterWorkshop with Arctic Theater

    The magazine People and Things. Shopping.

    Exclusive- Part 1

    The magazine People and Things. Shopping.

    Exclusive- Part 2

    The magazine People and Things. Shopping.

    Exclusive - Part 3

    TV-21 CTD interview

    TV-21 popped in during my workshop at the Russian Workers Theater Union (Murmansk chapter) to chat.

    Shadowplay FM

    Exclusive interview with Jason Lasky

    TV-21 Sun Welcoming

    Locals in Murmansk, Russia celebrate a folk festival for welcoming the sun.


    International Theater Institute's Official Magazine 

    / No. 1- 2016










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